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We aim to support colleagues, especially those from diverse backgrounds, by gathering and promoting company resources that help employees advance their careers and, in turn, develop the company into a rich and supportive workplace. Want to learn another language, or join a professional development organization? Learn how below. 

Professional Development

The Express-News offers a sponsorship program for employees who want to join a professional development organization, like the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce or the National Association of Black Journalists. Explore different groups you can join here. Contact XX for more information. 

Job Openings

The Express-News is hiring! There are currently around 24 positions open companywide, including  two digital reporter positions, two assistant editor positions, an arts and culture writer, a social media strategist in the marketing division, a customer service manager, and an assistant district manager of home delivery. Explore the job listings here

Women of Color Affinity Group

This new Hearst group includes women from different disciplines, newspaper properties and in different stages of their careers. It aims to serve as a place where like-minded women can exchange ideas, lend career guidance and offer support. Sign up here

Mentorship Programs

Hearst Newspapers recently unveiled a 6-month mentorship program focused on career development and strengthening connections companywide. The initial pilot program launched in January 2021 with around 30 mentees and 15 to 30 mentors. If you'd like to participate - either as a mentor or a mentee - in the next program, you can contact the HR Program Manager at XXX.

Language Lessons

The Express-News offers a reimbursement program for newsroom employees who want to learn another language. If you find a program that you’d like to enroll in, bring it up with your editor. If the program is credible, the price is reasonable and the lesson time fits into your work schedule, the Express-News reimburses the cost. Employees have taken lessons at el Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and  New World Spanish. For more information, contact XX.


The Express-News offers scholarships to the children of employees who are high school seniors that plan to enroll in college. Learn more here. 

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